Guga Foods Dry Ages Steaks in ‘Da Bomb’ Death Hot Sauce

Da Bomb Hot Sauce is known as Death for a good reason – it’s 130,000 scoville units! This hot sauce is from the YouTube series “Hot Ones” and it’s a super thick hot sauce that’s the consistency of ketchup – perfect to dry age a steak.

Guga Foods pours the hot sauce all over the steak and brushes it evenly to ensure a full even coating. He says during the episode that he even has to wear a mask – that’s how strong this hot sauce is!

Guga Foods dry aged the steak in the hot sauce for 35 days, and after 35 days you can see the sauce nearly fully embedded itself into the steak.

Check out the full video from Guga Foods below to see how this dry aged steak tasted:

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